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Roots Workshop - 9.29.2013

You may have received a new camera for Christmas, for your birthday, or maybe just have wanted to capture your family or life and now you are staring at that box thinking, where do I even start? You may have been like me and read the manual three times and even purchased a dummies guide to your camera. Still not getting it? This workshop is for you! Being a teacher for 5 years and then picking up the camera is going to help me break down the ins and outs of your camera and all those super tricky buttons that are staring you in the face and taunting you with their cute little icons that really mean absolutely nothing to you.


  • 4 hours of learning all the beginnings of photography (don’t worry there will be breaks so your brain doesn’t explode) This will include camera settings, lighting, posing, workflow, insurance and back ups, and even a little of cell phone photography.
  • Tips and tricks for working with children and how to get them to not cry through the entire process (hey, it happens)
  • 1 hour family portrait session where I will guide you through your settings and let you try out all you just learned.
  • A dinner that you won’t have to cook (that just sold you right?)


$325 per person
This includes all take home materials, instruction, and meals.
(I am excited about the materials and I know you will be too!)


Are you a mom or dad that feels as though your lives are going too fast and you can’t remember what baby Kate or little Johnny did yesterday? Are you a high school or college student that wants to express their creativity? Do you think that photography could be something you turn into a business? Do you walk through life admiring the beauty around you and want to find a way to capture it as you see it?

I hope to see you!

Ginnie McMillan

Reserve your spot or call 661.750.2525
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