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Welcome to the world Emma Lynn.

posted September17, 2014 by Ginnie McMillan

Emma was born on 8/5/14 at 9:44am. weighing 6 lbs 4 oz. 19.75 inches long. She is named after her Great Great Grandma Emma and after her grandma Derrilyn.  This sweet little lady is surrounded by many loved ones.  Being a newborn photographer is such a rewarding one.  You get to watch these new parents laugh about little toots, being spit up on, and the crying that sometimes feel as though it may never end.  No matter what this brand new little life does, these brand new parents beam from ear to ear.  They may be lacking sleep, they may smell a little from spit up, blow outs, and pee (note: Megan and Ian did not smell, not that I sniffed them); however, none of that shows.  The love they feel for this little precious being that is a piece of both of them lights up the entire room.  Emma, you are one loved lil lady.  Enjoy!


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