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Mr. and Mrs. Harriger's Morro Bay, CA Wedding Day - Part One

posted January19, 2016 by Ginnie McMillan

One week ago we were on the beautiful California central coast, celebrating the union between Joseph and Sarah.  It was only natural to feel nervous about meeting a couple for the first time on the day you are photographing them getting married; however, as soon as we met we felt as though we were hanging out with some lifelong friends.  It will be hard to not sound cliche while describing Joseph and Sarah's wedding day because it truly felt like it was out of a story book.  The ceremony was set on the beach with the famous Morro Rock right behind them.  The seagulls sang, the waves crashed, and sand crunched beneath our toes.  It was a perfect setting with the perfect couple sharing their love for one another with some of their closest friends and family.  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Harriger for sharing such an important time of your lives with us.  Enjoy! 

(Stay tuned for Part Two coming soon!)


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