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Clayton and Courtney are Engaged!!

posted April27, 2016 by Ginnie McMillan

One of my favorite couples are engaged and I had the honor of photographing them!  They danced, they laughed, they kissed, and we chased the sun.  I am so glad we were able to incorporate things that are important to them as a couple.  Clayton is a pilot and so it was special to be able to capture his airplane in their engagement photos.  Also, how fun is a private hanger?!?!  Finally, we ended up in downtown at his families place of business and a place special to them both.  Clayton and Courtney both have personalities that make you never want to say goodbye.  Can't wait to spend their special day with them as they dance, laugh, and kiss all over again in October!  Love you guys! Enjoy!


posted in: Bakersfield Engagement, California Engagement Session, California Wedding, Roots Photography

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